Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saeed Ajmal's Teesra News

Saeed Ajmal (Pakistan Cricket team), who are convinced that in the near future a series against Sri Lankan government's international obligations of the additional workload is attributed to the desire. "Third - Ajmal's wife recently a pair of third world children, including a son, as was named after her delivery is expected in suspense about Teesra. 

Worcestershire, as the game's most exciting cricketers have signed is a big disappointment: Ajmal the best bowler in the competition last year was T20. 16 wickets in eight matches, he said, less than half a window on the door and loses an average of 11.37. Worcestershire fast Ajaml yet to hear official confirmation, although Sri Lanka series, which took a few weeks you still have to plan contingency plans were discussed. PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) Council still has not decided Junaid Khan if he play or not.


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