Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cricket Introduction

In the morning, cricket is described at one time or as a "club of the old ball game ball to chair a trap, and ball. 
Cricket will be back in time to Tudor England, early 16th century, invented the game in writing the testimony of Edward and Edward is the son of Edward I, Newenden, Kent, was announced in 1301, play, and the Middle East, but evidence that this is the kind of cricket. Cricket bat and ball by two parties with 11 players in the middle of a rectangle 22 meters long, bats, and tried to gather as a team against the other team bowls and fields, and to let the batsmen and the game's first goal, scored by the batting team to clash The player has a ball with a baseball-Bat, flowing in the opposite end of the runway and put his hand to remove the crease. The teams switch between batting and drawing at the end of the inning. 
Professional cricket is a game of bowling club and a length of more than 20 deliveries on both sides of the six test cricket is played over five days, the rules of cricket to international cricket in ICC) and Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) can be tested and an additional one-day games International. Cricket is played in the first century in the south of England, 16. Then in the 18th century has been the national sport in England Enlargement of the British Empire out of the cricket match, and the 19th century the first international meeting. ICC, the game's governing body has ten members, a great game that is played in Australia, India, South Africa, the Caribbean and the subcontinent and England.


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